Tariff modules

From Fresenius to you!

If you are a tariff employee, Fresenius automatically sets up a Compensatory Time Account for you and pays in your annual tariff module – in addition to your salary, as long as you work for Fresenius. You can also finance your leave of absence without making own contributions. And a great deal of time credit can accrue in the process – find out how much leave of absence you can take with just a few clicks on our calculator. An example: Join Fresenius at the age of 35, stay until retirement, and you're already entitled to a 6-month leave of absence.

How it works



For all tariff employees, Fresenius makes an annual payment of €750 into a demography fund. The basis for this is the “Working Life and Demography” collective bargaining agreement (Tarifvertrag “Lebensarbeitszeit und Demografie). You are eligible for this payout through the annual tariff module. If the company you work for is not subject to this collective bargaining agreement, the amount of the tariff module can vary.
The amount varies from year to year. The older you are, the higher the tariff module – because tariff modules for young employees accumulate interest for even longer before the leave of absence is taken. The aim is for all employees to be able to finance the same leave of absence using the tariff module.
Please note that special regulations apply for Vivonic GmbH and Fresenius Kabi Logistik GmbH.



Your tariff module is calculated every year in March and automatically credited to your Compensatory Time Account. The credit increases through annual interest. You can see the total credit balance on your annual account statement.



Simply use the calculator to check how many months’ leave of absence you are entitled to on your account. Important: tariff modules can be used exclusively for a leave of absence for care, professional development and early retirement. For leaves of absence for a break, you can only use own contributions.

The details


Taxes & social security

The details

The account is set up and the annual tariff modules are paid in automatically for all eligible employees, without any registration required. The tariff module is added to the March payroll.

The basis for the tariff module is the Compensatory Time Account company-wide works agreement (“Gesamtbetriebsvereinbarung Langzeitkonten”), as well as the chemical industry's “Working Life and Demography” collective bargaining agreement (Tarifvertrag “Lebensarbeitszeit und Demografie”). For Fresenius companies that fall outside of this collective bargaining agreement, other regulations on granting or the amount of the tariff module may apply.


Tariff modules decay in the event that you leave Fresenius through dismissal. Only if you are made redundant for operational reasons, you are still entitled to take your tariff modules with you. If you leave the company due to incapacity, you will receive a payout of the total credit balance (incl. tariff modules). In the event of your death, your heirs will receive a payout. If you retire and your Compensatory Time Account has not been used up, the existing credit balance (incl. tariff modules) will be paid out to you in full.

Taxes & social security

Tariff modules from Fresenius are exempt from tax and social security when paid in. Only salary payments during a leave of absence are subject to tax and social security contributions.