Professional development

Take a break. To go one step further.

Professional development is the key to long-term professional success. In an ever-changing sector, it's worth keeping your knowledge up to date. The Compensatory Time Account gives you the opportunity to take a leave of absence for your professional development. You can enrol onto a business course, attend a master class or technical school, or study for a masters degree, for example. Even if you continue to study in your free time and need time to prepare for exams, you can finance a leave of absence using your Compensatory Time Account.

Stay flexible

A requirement of this leave of absence is that the professional development relates to your job. Please make sure you submit the corresponding supporting documents for this purpose. During your leave of absence, your salary can be between 75% and 125% of your regular salary. There is no maximum duration for your leave of absence for tariff and non-tariff employees.

Executive staff also have the option to use a leave of absence for further development, irrespective of whether the development is personal or professional. The leave of absence can last up to a total of 3 months. If the break is for professional development, the interval until a further leave of absence is 12 months. You can find further information about taking a leave of absence as part of professional development for executive staff on the ‘Break’ page of our website.

Application: How it works


Plan early

We strongly recommend that you start planning in good time, and ideally speak to your manager or the HR department beforehand. You can use the calculator for detailed planning.


Print and submit

Print the result of your leave of absence plan and submit it to your HR department. Please note the deadlines for submitting your leave of absence request: tariff and non-tariff employees need to submit a request 6 weeks in advance for a leave of absence of up to 3 months, or 6 months in advance for an extended leave of absence.



The HR department takes care of the rest and lets you know within 4 weeks whether your leave of absence request has been approved. You can find further information in the leaflets in Downloads.