CareFlex Chemie

CareFlex Chemie

So that Care Doesn't Become a Burden

As much as you’d like to avoid thinking about it, many people are confronted with the issue of care at some point, either you yourself need care because of age, illness or an accident, or family members are affected. The problem is the high costs of at-home or inpatient care are often not covered by the statutory long-term care insurance scheme in Germany.

As a result, the employers’ association BAVC and the trade union IG BCE have created CareFlex Chemie as a supplement to public benefits – it is the first industry-wide supplementary long-term care insurance scheme. The insurance scheme will be implemented by a consortium consisting of R+V Krankenversicherung and Barmenia Krankenversicherung.

For employees of the participating Fresenius companies, CareFlex Chemie offers significant financial relief in the event of an emergency. What’s particularly attractive is that by topping-up the basic insurance from Fresenius, you can also insure parents, parents-in-law or other family members. This brings an additional benefit: when you leave the chemical industry, or retire, you can continue the insurance privately – cheaply and without a health check. Protect yourself in the long term from the risk of paying for care.

Secured in Case of Emergency


Fresenius enrols all eligible employees for basic insurance and assumes a monthly contribution of €33.65. A health check is not needed to be insured. If, during your employment at Fresenius, you require care, you will receive a care allowance. For outpatient services from level 2 care, the allowance is €300 per month, or €1000 per month for inpatient care. In an emergency, individual care advice can also be important – there is a free, 24-hour care hotline if you need advice.

Add Individual Top-Ups

Employees are able to privately top up the services of the collective supplementary long-term care insurance scheme with their own contributions. You can, for example, choose a higher monthly care allowance for inpatient or outpatient care needs (CareFlex Top-up). What’s especially important is that insuring your family members too is very easy (CareFlex Family). New entrants have two months in which to take out these tariffs with a simplified health check. After this period, this is also possible, but then only with the normal health check. Now, as part of a special promotion from June 1, 2023 to July 31, 2023, the Careflex Consortium is offering all beneficiaries who have been enrolled for some time to take out the supplementary supplementary provision (CareFlex Aufstockung and CareFlex Family) with a simplified health check. You can find more information about the action here.

Protected – No Matter What Happens

Are you leaving Fresenius or retiring? If so, you can maintain your insurance – including family insurance – privately without additional health checks and with significantly lower contributions than there would be for new customers. If you are staying in the chemical industry, the industry-wide insurance generally continues to apply.


Employees of the participating companies are insured by CareFlex Chemie from the seventh month of their employment. The waiting period does not apply if you move within Fresenius or are taken on as a paid employee after training. Apprentices, placement students, as well as interns and mini-jobbers are not insured. In addition, employees who have already been awarded a care level (incl. retroactively) cannot be insured.

How it Works


Start of Insurance

You don't have to do anything yourself to take out the insurance; Fresenius takes care of that for you. All eligible employees are automatically enrolled in CareFlex. If you have been employed at Fresenius for less than 6 months, you will be enrolled once you have completed 6 months of employment.


Individual Counselling & Top-ups

You will receive a personal letter containing your access details for the CareFlex Chemie Employee Portal. After registration, you can log in to the Portal and arrange an appointment for a personal consultation. During the consultation, you can decide whether you want to add individual Top-ups for yourself and/or family members with your own contributions. The Portal will also show information on your existing insurance.


If You Claim Insurance Benefits

For outpatient services between level 2 and level 4 care, those enrolled in the basic insurance will receive a monthly care allowance of €300. For inpatient care at home (level 2 to level 5 care), the supplementary insurance will be €1000 per month.

Taxes and Social Insurance

Comprehensive Advice

For Further Info

Taxes and Social Insurance

When the care allowance is paid out, no social insurance contributions or taxes accrue at all. The contribution from Fresenius essentially falls below the benefits-in-kind limit of €44 per month, so the employer contribution is exempt from tax and social insurance. However, if you receive extra benefits-in-kind that in total exceed the €44 limit, all of these benefits are subject to taxation and social insurance. In these cases, the costs are borne by the employer within the framework of lump-sum taxation. Contributions for a potential Top-Up are paid privately from your net income.

Comprehensive Advice

As part of CareFlex Chemie you will receive comprehensive advice – either on insurance arrangements, additional insurance options or an actual claim of insurance benefit. The advice is not given by Fresenius, but by certified advisers of the CareFlex consortium. If you need advice, you can book an appointment online in the CareFlex Chemie Employee Portal.

If you have questions, you can also get in touch with customer service by phone or e-mail:

Telephone: 0511-7631-893


For Further Info

Do you have questions about CareFlex Chemie? For employees, the IG BCE Bonus Agency offers central virtual information events about Microsoft Teams:

17.01.2024, 12 p.m., CareFlex Chemie Infoveranstaltung

14.02.2024, 12 p.m., CareFlex Chemie Infoveranstaltung

24.04.2024, 12 p.m., CareFlex Chemie Infoveranstaltung

22.05.2024, 12 p.m., CareFlex Chemie Infoveranstaltung

19.06.2024, 12 p.m., CareFlex Chemie Infoveranstaltung

17.07.2024, 12 p.m., CareFlex Chemie Infoveranstaltung

21.08.2024, 12 p.m., CareFlex Chemie Infoveranstaltung

More information about the events can be found here.

Information on the CareFlex supplementary long-term care insurance scheme is available to download.

CareFlex Flyer


Instructions for the CareFlex Chemie Employee Portal (in German)

Further information on the employee portal (in German)

Contributions in the event of private continuation of insurance (in German)

Overview of the participating companies

CareFlex Family for employees with a care level (in German)