Invest – buy shares

You can be proactive with Fresenius SHARE: Invest in a package with Fresenius shares at special rates.  

60 % Discount

You can buy the share package at a 60% discount. This means you only pay 40% of the purchase price. This is a significant boost to your investments: Use our Calculator to simulate how different share price developments can affect the value of your share package.

Your investment: the share package

You buy a fixed package of shares with ordinary shares of Fresenius SE & Co. KGaA worth around €550. All eligible employees can purchase this package, regardless of whether they work part-time or full-time. It is not possible to buy several packages or shares. With the discount, you only pay around €220.

How many shares the package contains is calculated on the transfer date in June* and is based on the lowest share price in XETRA trading on the transfer date. Then it is calculated how many shares you can buy for €550. This figure is always rounded down to full shares.



Participation is open to tariff and non-tariff employees, executive staff, trainees, and temporary workers from the participating companies who have been working for Fresenius since at least January 1, 2024.


Lock-up period

The shares are subject to a 2-year lock-up period during which they cannot be sold. After the lock-up period, it is up to you whether you sell your shares or keep them as a long-term investment. The lock-up period starts retrospectively on January 1st in the year the shares were deposited to your account.

Tax allowance

The discount on the share price granted by Fresenius is a non-cash benefit and as such is actually taxable and subject to contributions. The good news is that there is a tax allowance of €2.000 a year. This sum takes both components into account, i.e., the purchase of shares and the receipt of the free shares so there are generally no taxes or social contributions to be paid.

Once the shares have been transferred to your securities account, as a shareholder you are liable for any tax due, such as tax on dividends or on the sale of shares.

Opportunities and risks

Share prices can rise and fall – there are no guarantees. With Fresenius SHARE, the large discount significantly cushions the investment risk compared to buying the shares directly on the stock exchange. At the same time, the chances of turning a profit are much higher than for regular investments on the stock exchange.

General risks

There are general market risks (such as economic cycles or the economic stability of the business environment) and company-specific risks that can affect the share price.

Special protection

You can buy the shares at a 60% discount. This significantly lowers your investment risk: Even if the share price drops, you can still make a profit when you sell. Only if the share price drops by more than 60% you will make a loss. Conversely, the discount gives you an extra boost if the price rises and you will enjoy a disproportionate increase in your profits. Use our Calculator to simulate different share price scenarios.

Informed decision

Our online Investor Relations- Page has all the key information about Fresenius shares, annual reports, ad hoc announcements, share news, and much more. You can also keep track of long-term share price developments – investing in shares is generally not a sprint, but a long-distance run.

The schedule

End of March 2024, all eligible employees for the offer year 2024 receive information on the purchase of shares. Participation in "Fresenius SHARE - Buy Shares" is possible until 14.05.2024. The shares will be booked into your private securities account immediately after the payroll run in June. The purchase price will be deducted from your net salary - also in June.

Instructions – how to buy shares

Register to participate

Fresenius SHARE will be managed easily and conveniently via the tOption portal. All eligible employees receive the access data for the offer year 2024 end of March. If you belong to the group of eligible employees and would like to participate in "Fresenius SHARE - buy shares" in the offer year 2024, please confirm your participation in the portal and provide your securities account details. Please note that the participation period ends on 14.05.2024. You can find the data protection information here.

No securities account yet?

You need a securities account to purchase the Fresenius SHARE package. This can be at any bank; the main thing is that it is in your name. You can find further information on the securities account here.

If you do not have a securities account yet, you can open one easily with our cooperation partner, Commerzbank; it is free, as long as you only hold shares from Fresenius SHARE and the securities account is opened online via this link:­beteiligung.

If you already have a securities account at the Commerzbank where you only hold shares from previous profit-sharing schemes, this remains free-of-charge.

Buying shares – the process

You place the purchase order online via the tOption portal and state your securities account details.

The purchase price will be automatically deducted from your net salary. Then the shares are booked into your securities account - it`s as simple as that!

If your employment relationship is suspended and you do not receive a salary, we will inform you about the payment.