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Your pension at Fresenius

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Fresenius Pensions

Teamwork for your pension

A company pension scheme is an important component of your retirement fund. The reason for this is that for many people, the annual state pension amounts to less than half of their final net salary. This is even the case for people who are entering retirement after a long working life and have had average or above-average earnings. It is not enough to be fully provided for in retirement. At Fresenius, our responsibility to our employees does not end when they leave the company, which is why we offer Fresenius Pensions. It combines two building blocks: the Fresenius Basic Plan and direct insurance.

Your pension

The Fresenius Basic Plan

The Fresenius Basic Plan is financed exclusively by Fresenius and creates a secure financial cushion for your retirement. The contributions for this are paid in for you automatically by Fresenius, in addition to your salary. And, have you ever thought about personal risks such as occupational incapacity or life insurance cover for your family? The Fresenius Basic Plan has individual cover plans for these eventualities too.

Direct insurance

Direct insurance is the second building block of Fresenius Pensions. Direct insurance gives you access to additional Fresenius payments: the basic amount (“Entgeltumwandlungsgrundbetrag”) and the Fresenius supplementary contribution. Only your signature is required. The main advantage of direct insurance is that it offers an attractive means of building your pension – you can also pay your own contributions. This way you will not only benefit from savings on tax and social insurance contributions, but also – if you are entitled to collectively agreed payments - from an additional supplementary contribution.


It’s on us

On top

It’s up to you


The basis of your Fresenius Pensions is an annual contribution by Fresenius – simple, automatic and on top of your salary. The contribution grows with your salary, meaning that your pension adapts to your life. With its annual payments, Fresenius makes sure you have extra cover in your retirement.

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Up to €613 a year for your signature

Take one step further towards securing your retirement - just sign up. Tariff and non-tariff employees receive the basic amount for direct insurance, while tariff employees also receive the Fresenius supplementary contribution – even if you don’t pay in any contributions yourself. Not taking up this option is like giving money away.

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So, get moving

You can also pay into direct insurance to bolster your cover. The earlier you start, the more you benefit from value growth. And, you are sure to save money as your contributions reduce your gross income which is subject to tax and social security contributions. If you are paid by collective bargaining agreement, you will, depending on the amount you contribute, receive an additional supplementary contribution. Who could say no to that?


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Eligibility criteria

Starting date

Fresenius Pensions is open to all employees with a starting date on and after 1 January 2020.

Eligible persons

The prerequisite for eligibility is a permanent contract of employment with Fresenius. Apprentices cannot receive Fresenius Basic Plan contributions but can receive the basic amount and the Fresenius supplementary contribution and pay in their own contributions if they participate in the direct insurance scheme. Mini-jobbers, interns and placement students are not eligible to join Fresenius Pensions.

Fresenius companies

You can find a list of all participating Fresenius companies and locations here.

Waiting period

You can apply to participate in direct insurance immediately after the start of your employment at Fresenius. You can pay in contributions immediately and, if you are paid by collective bargaining agreement, you are entitled to the supplementary contribution. You are entitled to the basic amount from your seventh month of employment. As a result, you receive a proportional amount in your first year. This waiting period also applies to Fresenius Basic Plan contributions.

Fresenius Pensions Scheme - safe in all circumstances

Risk protection

Fresenius Pensions is for more than just retirement. It also provides incapacity and life insurance. With our range of options, you can protect yourself and your family, and you can align risk cover to your life circumstances.

Change of job

If you ever leave Fresenius: Apart from your Fresenius contributions to the Fresenius Basic Plan, all your other contributions are secure. The following applies to Fresenius contributions: You will still be entitled to them if you have worked with us for at least 3 years and you have turned 22.


Fresenius Pensions is secure, even in the unlikely event of Fresenius or the insurance company becoming insolvent. Your pension is safe from creditors in this case.