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Your pension at Fresenius

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Fresenius Basic Plan

By us, for you

With an employer contribution to the Fresenius Basic Plan, we lay the foundation for your company pension. The contribution is automatically paid for you – just like that – without you having to do anything. When you retire, you have the choice: a lifelong pension or a lump sum. It’s up to you.

A foundation from Fresenius

Paid by us

The amount of the contribution depends on your pensionable income. Here is how it is calculated: For salary components up to the contribution ceiling, the contribution rate is 2% of your pensionable income. For the amount above the contribution ceiling, the contribution is 8%.

How does it work?

The amount is paid automatically for you in January every year. You don’t have to do a thing: This lays a key foundation for your pension. Want to adjust the Fresenius Basic Plan to your life circumstances? If so, you can choose additional options in the Employee Portal.

Pensionable income

Pensionable income is, simply put, your fixed annual salary plus your Christmas bonus. It does not include other payments, such as holiday pay, variable payments or bonuses. The basis of the contribution calculation is your pensionable income and your employment rate on 31 December of the previous year. If your employment rate changes in the course of the year, your annual contribution is adjusted accordingly. Salary increases however are only taken into account when calculating contributions for the following year.

Contribution ceiling

The state pension insurance contribution ceiling (“Beitragsbemessungsgrenze”) is the income ceiling up to which contributions to state pension insurance have to be paid. If your salary exceeds the contribution ceiling, then there is no entitlement to state pension insurance for this salary amount. The annual amount on which the amount of our contributions is based is currently € 90,600 (last updated: 2024). It is adjusted every year.


€ 4,000 pay scale salary (gross) per month, € 3,800 Christmas bonus,


Pensionable income





Total annual contribution

What happens with the money


Provident fund

The Fresenius contribution is paid annually to a provident fund (“Fresenius Unterstützungskasse”). This is a legally independent pension institution which manages the financing of pensions for us. For regulatory reasons, the contributions for younger employees are paid into a direct insurance until these employees turn 23.


Our partner

To finance pensions, the Fresenius Provident Fund forwards payments to the company Allianz Lebensversicherungs-AG and agrees a life insurance policy in your name. Later payouts correspond to the payments from this insurance in their amount.


Value growth

Pension payments develop in accordance with the insurance rate until the beginning of retirement. Any surplus is credited to your pension assets. In this way, you benefit from positive movements in the capital markets.

When is the pension paid out?

What is paid out?

 How the money is paid out

Taxes and social insurance

Retirement at a glance

You receive your payment from the Fresenius Basic Plan after you have left your employment with Fresenius and when you receive your state pension. The payment is available at the age of 62 at the earliest. If you die before reaching pension age, your beneficiaries receive a lump sum in the amount of the accumulated pension plan assets. If you choose the income protection option, you will receive an occupational incapacity pension before you reach retirement age.


A fixed guaranteed capital is available to you upon retirement. Please refer to your personal insurance offer for the amount of this benefit. On top, you will receive the insurance profit participation.

Pension or lump sum?

At the start of your retirement, you have different options for the payment of your pension pot. You can receive the payment as a lump sum or you can choose to receive regular pension payments for life. You must apply for this at least two months before the start of your retirement. If you opt for regular payments, your pension payments from the Fresenius Basic Plan increase by 1% per year. Also, if you die within 21 years of your retirement, your beneficiaries receive the remaining payments as a lump sum (pension guarantee period).

Please note

No taxes or social insurance contributions are collected for Fresenius contributions. Taxes and social insurance contributions generally become payable upon payout. You bear all costs of health and care insurance, including employer contributions. However, you make no contributions to unemployment and pension insurance. The tax rate during retirement is, nevertheless, lower than during working life. Please note that the different forms of payment can carry different tax burdens. Please consult your tax adviser for further guidance.

What to do now

You don’t need to do anything to participate in the Fresenius Basic Plan - we will take care of this for you. You can view your account balance and projected benefits at retirement via the Employee Portal. Here you will find personalised information on the Fresenius Basic Plan. You can also select options to insure against specific risks (occupational incapacity, death). You can access the Employee Portal using your personal registration key, which you will receive in the first months of your employment.

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