It’s never been so easy!

Setting up and using your Compensatory Time Account should be a well-considered decision – ultimately, it’s your time and money. Fresenius equips you with the right tools.


Where do you stand?

Let’s take stock: how much credit have you already saved? You will receive an annual credit statement on 31st December, showing the current status of your Compensatory Time Account. You can see the status of your contributions for the current year on your monthly payslips.


What do you want to achieve?

Find out about the range of options for your leave of absence. What would you like to use your leave of absence for? Is your current balance sufficient, or do you need to make (further) own contributions to take the leave of absence you were hoping for?


What do you need to do?

Is your plan finalised? Then speak to your manager or HR department in good time, taking account of the application deadlines. You can also read through the pension report provided by the Deutsche Rentenversicherung if you want to plan for early retirement. Then enter your chosen parameters into our calculator, print out the plan and bring it along with you to the HR department. Remember to bring any supporting documents.

Doing the maths – your leave of absence

Our calculator can help you with the planning stage: from a quick check on how much you can expect from the tariff modules, to fleshing out the finer details of your leave of absence – it’s a tool for everyone.

Application deadlines

Tariff and non-tariff employees

For professional development and early retirement, you need to submit your request to your manager 6 weeks in advance for a leave of absence of up to 3 months, and at least 6 months in advance for an extended leave of absence.

Often it isn't possible to plan a leave of absence for care in good time. That’s why a request can be made at short notice. The leave of absence always starts on the first of the month.

When applying for a break, you need to submit your request 6 months prior to the leave of absence (plus 6 weeks to allow for employer processing). Application deadlines are taken into account by the calculator.

Executive staff

Executive staff need to apply for a break at least 9 months prior to the leave of absence. Leave of absence for early retirement needs to be arranged with your manager at least 24 months prior to the leave of absence, and officially applied for 6 months in advance. A leave of absence for care can be requested at short notice. Application deadlines are taken into account by the calculator.