Break to bring your plans to fruition

Would you like an extended career break? To explore the world or spend more time with family, for example? Or, do you have completely different plans? You can use your Compensatory Time Account for this, too. Important: To finance your break, you can only use own contributions – you can’t use tariff modules.

Quite simple and flexible

When requesting a leave of absence for a break, there is no need to provide your employer with any evidence or justification. Your leave of absence salary during this time ranges from 75% to 125% of your regular salary.

The leave of absence can be between 3 and 6 months for tariff and non-tariff employees; for executive staff, the maximum duration is 3 months. You can also take multiple leaves of absence for a break. However, there must always be at least 36 months between leaves of absence and a break is only possible after 18 months of service for tariff and non-tariff employees.

Application: how it works


Plan early

Start planning in good time and ideally speak to your manager or the HR department beforehand. You can use the calculator for detailed planning.


Print and submit

Print the result of your leave of absence plan and submit this to your HR department. Please note the deadlines for submitting your leave of absence request: Tariff and non-tariff employees need to submit a request 6 months in advance (plus 6 weeks to allow for HR department processing) and executive staff, 9 months in advance.



The HR department takes care of the rest and lets you know within 6 weeks (applicable for tariff and non-tariff employees) or 4 weeks (applicable for executive staff) whether your leave of absence request has been successful. You can find further information about taking a leave of absence in the corresponding leaflets.