The Basics

Share basics


A share is a security that gives you a share in the company. This means that with a share you own a part of the company. You share in the profits through dividends. At the Annual General Meeting, shareholders decide on fundamental issues relating to the management of the company.


The dividend is the portion of a company’s that is distributed to shareholders once a year. In the event of a better business performance, the dividend is usually higher; in the event of poor business results, the dividend may not be paid at all. The amount of the dividend is determined at the Annual General Meeting.

Securities account

A securities account is a special account at a bank in which shares are held. The securities account is used to settle the purchase and sale of these shares. It is important that the Fresenius SHARE securities account is held in your name.

Voting Rights

If you hold Fresenius ordinary shares, you have the right to vote at the Annual General Meeting. Among other things, votes are taken on the appropriation of profits, the ratification of the actions of the Management Board and Supervisory Board, or capital measures.

Trading shares

Share transfer

You can transfer your shares from one securities account to another at any time.

Lock-up period

The shares are subject to a 2-year lock-up period during which they cannot be sold. The shares are transferred to your securities account with a lock-up notice. After the lock-up period, it is up to you whether you sell your shares or keep them as a long-term investment. You submit the sell order to your bank. The lock-up period starts retrospectively on January 1st in the year the shares were deposited to your account.


Insiders are persons with knowledge of confidential information which, if it became known, could significantly influence the share price. It is prohibited to trade in shares by exploiting insider knowledge.