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Fresenius SHARE - the new employee participation program

Fresenius has a long tradition of sharing its success with its employees through share programs and is constantly adapting its schemes to new requirements and the latest Fresenius strategy. In 2023 we are again introducing an enhanced program: Fresenius SHARE will now replace the previous Fresenius profit-sharing scheme.
The principle that employees should become shareholders, and thus co-owners of Fresenius, is at the heart of Fresenius SHARE. We strive to give you even more opportunities to integrate Fresenius shares into your long-term wealth creation strategy. This is why there are now two components to the employee participation program:

Achieve goals - receive shares: This is something you will already have encountered in previous programs – if we reach our targets, we issue free Fresenius shares to our employees.

Invest – buy shares: This is new! You can now buy a Fresenius share package at special employee conditions – at a 60% discount.

What is new?

Opportunity through investment

You can buy Fresenius shares with Fresenius SHARE – at very attractive employee conditions. The investment is voluntary and if we reach our targets, we issue free shares – no strings attached!

New targets: more influence

In 2023 we have set ourselves four targets for Fresenius SHARE. As well as a financial target, non-financial targets also have their role to play, as these are just as important for the success of our company. What is more: you yourself have more power to shape the non-financial targets in your day-to-day work.

Tax allowance

Easy, attractive, tax-free: With Fresenius SHARE you benefit from significant tax-free allowances – you will generally not be taxed or pay social insurance contributions on your shares.

More security

More security instead of “all or nothing”: For every (partially) achieved target, a certain sum of shares is issued – even if other targets are missed. This is a more realistic reflection of our overall performance.

Fresenius SHARE: 1 + 1 = 2 oppor­tunities

Invest – buy shares

The principle: Once a year, you can buy a Fresenius share package worth around € 550 – with a 60% discount on the share price. So you only pay around € 220. After a two-year lock-up period, you are free to sell your shares.

Achieve goals - receive shares

The principle: Fresenius sets itself financial and non-financial targets for the business year. For every fully or partially achieved target, free Fresenius shares are issued to staff the following year. The free shares are paid into your securities account. After a two-year lock-up period, you are free to sell your shares.

How it works

Both components start in 2023: As of now, you can buy the Fresenius share package for the offer year 2023. 2023 is also the year in which we measure our target attainment for the free shares. These are then issued for the first time in June 2024.

What you need to know


Register to participate

Fresenius SHARE will be managed easily and conveniently via the tOption portal. All eligible employees will receive the access data for the offer year 2023 by post in August 2023. If you belong to the group of eligible employees and would like to participate in "Fresenius SHARE - buy shares" in the offer year 2023, please confirm your participation in the portal by providing your securities account details. Please note that the participation period ends on 30.09.2023. You can find the data protection information here.


Depositing shares

You need a securities account for your shares from Fresenius SHARE. This can be at any bank; the main thing is that it is in your name.
If you do not have a securities account yet, you can open one easily with our cooperation partner, Commerzbank; it is free, as long as you only hold shares in that account from Fresenius SHARE and the securities account is opened online via this link: www.commerzbank.de/mitarbeiterbeteiligung. If you already have a securities account at Commerzbank into which only shares from the previous profit-sharing scheme have been booked, this will remain free of charge.


Keep your eyes on the targets

From now on: The 2023 targets are already being measured. And you can personally help Fresenius reach its targets – by participating in cybersecurity training. The link to the relevant training catalog is published here (Fresenius-Intranet Fred via "Benefits for Employees - Financial Benefits - Fresenius SHARE"). Keep an eye on the other targets too.